Lip Clips are an extension of Melissa Mercado’s penchant for reshaping everyday objects and rebranding messages that strongly represent femininity, such as transforming lipsticks into bullets. She embraces the concept of beauty for modern women by radically reinterpreting the sexual allure of lip clips – inadvertently empowering others to close the gender gap through art.  Lip Clips are Mercado’s way of eliminating the double-standards between men and women and encouraging women to continue rooting for each other. When Mercado’s Lip Clips artwork caught the attention of New York City-based jeweler Greg Yuna, better known as Mr. Flawless, on Instagram, he reached out to her to collaborate on bringing her artwork to life and making it into a pendant. Lip Clips represent the modern woman – she is mesmerizing, but fearless; sexual, but in control; confident, but graceful in a room full of vultures.